• Reading and writing. Croquet and bocce ball. Punting and busing. Blenheim Palace and Windsor Castle. A lot of things in Oxford came in pairs. We became locals in town, studying in the libraries, dining at formal dinners, punting on the Thames, even watching the Eights, the annual crew races among colleges. Above all, the best memories will always be the bonds and fellowship we had living in the same house; fighting over the food resources; watching movies in the common rooms; late nights in the library; excursions to Bath, Windsor, Ireland, Normandy, and London; and going out on the town. To an adventurous month in England, cheers! – Phillip Mote (Maymester ‘08)


  • The rigorous academic work and the high expectations at Oxford have fully prepared me for any challenging classes in the future. I have learned more than I could ever have imagined coming into this program, and I am so grateful for the chance to take classes outside of my normal program of study. Traveling to England gave me further opportunities to explore the world; I have stood among the monoliths of Stonehenge, navigated the streets of London, and even experienced a day of Irish culture in Dublin. Coming to Oxford with a group of my closest friends was a trip I will remember for the rest of my life. – Claire Underwood (Maymester ‘08)


  • Going to Oxford straight out of my first year of college was an invigorating experience that pushed me to new heights academically. Now, I feel like I can accomplish anything! Also, being in England with all the amazing people I’ve gotten to know this past year has been so much fun. – Sheena Zhang (Maymester ‘08)


  • I definitely got the Oxford experience, which changed my perspective on reading and, in general, helped me to develop a more cohesive world view. – John Marshall (Maymester ‘08) 


  • When people ask me about Oxford, I honestly have a hard time knowing where to begin or what to say. I usually find myself praising the city itself for its beauty, or espousing the excellent education and affirming the many opportunities to travel. But somehow, I always feel that the efficacy of my memories gets lost in translation. Ultimately, there are only a handful of people who really know what it's like to be there-the smells, the emotions, the intangibles-things you can't get from a picture. These people are either abroad with you or students from a previous program. Ultimately, the only way to experience all the amazing things about Oxford is to go!
    --Leanne Wieland (Spring 2006)


  • Oxford showed me that I could go and be on my own, away from everything and everyone I had ever known and succeed and learn lessons upon lessons about myself and the world.
    -- Lindsey Powell (Spring 2004)


  • Oxford made me love to learn for once I wasn't just cramming for the test; I was really formulating coherent, intelligent opinions I could defend against the Dons and loving it.
    - Joanna Frazier (Spring 2004)


  • Not only do you take insightful and interesting classes, but you also get to see much of what you're learning happen right in front of you. If you're studying History, it's in Oxford. If you're studying Economics, Biology, Literature; it's all happening in Oxford.
    - Patrick Linton (Fall 2004)


  • In addition to being challenged in the classroom, you also have the opportunity to push your own limits by traveling the UK and the rest of Europe!
    - Patrick Linton (Fall 2004)


  • It was truly the time of my life! My time at Oxford will never be forgotten because I not only studied at Oxford, but I visited the Netherlands, France, Scotland and Ireland.
    - Leigh A. Foisey (Grady Summer 2004)


  • I have wanted to study abroad for a very long time, and I was worried that it would not live up to my expectations, but in fact, it has surpassed them in every respect. Oxford is a wonderful place to call home, and I shall miss it very much.
    - Jacquelyn Gillette (Spring 2006)


  • The academic quality is amazing. The Oxford system teaches study skills and independence to a degree that is difficult to attain in any other way.


  • Oxford has an amazing mix of people with different ideas and backgrounds. You learn just by being here.


  • The UGA at Oxford experience was intensely academic, but it was one of the best experiences of my life. I have no regrets!


  • UGA at Oxford has been one of the best experiences of my life; it truly was a summer to remember.


  • You'll work harder and learn more than you ever though you could and you'll love every minute of it.

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