Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who runs UGA at Oxford?
A. The program was founded nearly twenty years ago and is currently under the direction of Dr. James McClung, who also teaches in the English Department at UGA. The Program staff in Athens also include Ms. Margaret Faz Perry, the Assistant Director, Ms. Kasha Puskarz, the Business Manager, and Ms. Hayes Willingham, the Administrative Assistant. The program is headquartered in Rm 326A of Park Hall on UGA's historic North Campus, a building which also houses the Departments of Classics and English.

In the U.K., the Program is headquartered at UGA's residential center, 104 Banbury Road in Oxford. Prof. David Bradshaw, Fellow & Tutor in English at Worcester College, Oxford, serves as our British Co-ordinator. Ms. Barbara Bradshaw is the Center Coordinator in Oxford.

Q. Can I get financial aid?
A. That depends on your situation. Since all Oxford Programs are run by the University of Georgia, any financial aid assistance you would normally receive to defray the costs of classes at UGA should be available to apply towards Program costs. This includes awards from Stafford Loans, Pell Grants, Foundation Fellowships, and National Merit and HOPE scholarships. Additionally, the Office of International Education has a limited number of scholarships available. The UGA at Oxford Program generally offers several scholarships and awards specific to the Program, please see the Financial Aid tab for current opportunities.

Q. Will my credits transfer?
A. All credit for Oxford classes is counted as UGA resident credit, which means that for UGA students, there is NO transfer problem. The numbers and content of courses taken at Oxford approximate listings in the UGA Undergraduate Bulletin.

Q. What are Oxford classes like?
A. Each year, one or two classes are taught using the lecture format, mainly in the summer. A few classes each semester are taught in the seminar format that meet bi-weekly for two and a half hours. But the vast majority of our classes are taught using Oxford's traditional tutorial format; students meet with their professor for only one hour a week, but in very small groups (maximum three students per group, but more often than not, these will be individual meetings). Students do a great deal of reading on their own and produce several papers over the course of the term. The system demands a great deal of responsibility from the student, which is why a GPA of 3.0 or better is recommended (students with lower GPAs are still encouraged to apply, however).

Q. How long does it take to get from Oxford to London?
A. About an hour by bus, depending upon traffic (a bit less by rail, which is more expensive). Bus line information can be found on the Oxford Information tab of the website.

Q. Is there time to travel?
A. With good time management, definitely. Several weekends during the term are free for independent travel; it is your responsibility to balance your assignments and your travel, but it is rare for a student not to get in at least one long trip (Edinburgh, say, or Dublin, or even the Continent), plus a few trips into London and other nearby destinations such as Bath or Glastonbury.

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