UGA at Oxford Franklin Summer 2014


June 26 - August 5, 2016


60 students (approximately 20 each from the three colleges) will be housed either at historic Trinity College or the University of Georgia at Oxford Center. Trinity College, Oxford University, was founded in 1555 and is one of Oxford's most distinguished colleges. Trinity College is ideally located in the center of the city and has been praised by students for its architectural beauty and friendly atmosphere. The University of Georgia's at Oxford Center is located in North Oxford. The large, elegantly furnished rooms hold two to four students, and many have private bathrooms. All students will have access to the Trinity College dining hall, common rooms, computer labs and network, and college pub.

Course Credit & Eligibility

Students can earn six semester hours in a wide variety of disciplines. Tutorials will be taught using the tutorial format of individualized or small-group instruction. Tutorial groups are never larger than three students. Each tutorial class includes an excursion to a site in England related to the major themes in the course. See Courses Offered for a list of possible seminar and tutorial course choices in Summer 2016.

  • Terry: You will take the mandatory seminar, INTB 5100, UGA Terry Faculty Member - TBA, and one course with an Oxford faculty member.
  • Grady: You will take either two courses from Oxford faculty or you will take the Grady seminar, JRLC 5080, UGA Grady Faculty Member - Dr. Yan Jin, and one course taught by an Oxford faculty member.
  • Franklin: You will take two courses taught by Oxford faculty.

  • Costs

    Approximately $6,400 plus in-state UGA tuition and fees. The cost of the program covers Oxford and Trinity College fees, room, most meals, study abroad insurance, and class excursions. Additional expenses include cost of personal items and travel. A voluntary group-rate flight is available. (Transient students are subject to an additional admission fee assessed by UGA Undergraduate Admissions.)


    The UGA at Oxford Summer Program is open to all majors! Enrollment will be limited to well-qualified students. Students are required to submit applications by the deadline; applications will be accepted after this date only if all positions are not filled. Application forms and other information are available through the UGA at Oxford website homepage.

    Important Dates & Deadlines

    Applications: Friday, January 22, 2016

    Acceptance/Notification: Friday, February 5, 2016 (for those that applied by the January 22 deadline)

    Forms/Fees: Friday, March 4, 2016 - - The Program deposit, $600, is due in full on the program's listed forms and fees deadline. Payment of this deposit confirms participation in the program, and it does count towards the total program fees. Students are committed to pay the program fees in full after this date. If you withdraw after this date, you may be unable to recover your deposit and may also remain liable for a pro-rated portion of the program fees.


    The Summer curriculum at Oxford includes courses in Economics, English literature, History, Political Science, Philosophy, Psychologu, and Religion. Below is a list of tutorial and seminar classes offered during the Oxford Summer Program. This list is subject to change depending on the availability of the instructors. The most up to date list will be provided with the course selection information once you are accepted in the program.

    Courses Offered - Tutorials & Seminars

    • ECON 2100 - Economics of Environmental Quality
    • ECON 4150 - Environmental Economics
    • ENGL 2310 - English Literature from the Beginnings to 1700
    • ENGL 2320 - English Literature from 1700 to the Present
    • ENGL 4290 - Topics in Medieval Literature
    • ENGL 4330 - Shakespeare II: Special Topics
    • ENGL 4500 - Romantic Literature
    • ENGL 4690 - Topics in 20th-Century British Literature: Virginia Woolf
    • HIST 2301 - Western Society to 1500
    • HIST 2302 - Western Society Since 1500
    • HIST 3340 - The Age of Renaissance and Reformation
    • HIST 4330 - Institutions of the Medieval West - Knighthood, Chivalry, & Faith Medieval Europe
    • INTL 4220 - International Conflict
    • INTL 4780 - Special Topics in Comparative Politics: English Common Law
    • PHIL 3220 - Biomedical Ethics
    • PSYC 3230 - Abnormal Psychology
    • RELI 4001 - Old Testament/Hebrew Bible Literature

    Grady Seminar: JRLC 5080, International Mass Communication

    The focus of how media, both mass media and social media of the world, operate and impact audiences at a global scale, will be examined in terms of: 1) Introducing, discussing and comparing theories, philosophies and frameworks of media and communication developed by scholars from different cultural and historical backgrounds; 2) Studying and examining the evolution, development, regulation and trends of different media systems via in-class discussion with media scholars as well as interactions and dialogues with media professionals during excursions in UK, primarily media groups, news agencies, and communication firms in London; 3) Practicing critical thinking and hands-on research experience by conducting in-depth interviews with media professionals in topics assigned by the instructor, such as cross-cultural communication, international conflict management, crisis coverage, and innovation in media business development and management.

    Grady Faculty: Dr. Yan Jin

    Dr. Yan Jin is an Associate Professor of Public Relations at the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. She also serves as the associate director of the Grady College’s Center for Health and Risk Communication. Dr. Jin has taught undergraduate and graduate public relations and communication courses. Her research interest is in the area of crisis communication and strategic conflict management, as well as how emotions influence decision making and publics’ responses. Dr. Jin has authored numerous refereed journal articles and book chapters. Her work was published in The Handbook of Crisis Communication, Communication Research, Journal of Applied Communication Research, Journalism and Mass Communications Quarterly, Journal of Public Relations Research, Public Relations Review, and Journal of Contingency and Crisis Management, etc. She is the co-editor of the book, Social Media and Crisis Communication, to be published by Routledge. Dr. Jin is an academic advisor of the Corporate Communications International (CCI) and serves on the national research committee of the Association for Business Communication (ABC). In 2014, Dr. Jin was selected as the recipient of the Krieghbaum Under-40 Award by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) for her overall achievement in teaching, research and public service. Dr. Jin earned her B.A. in Advertising from Peking University (Beijing, China), and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Journalism, as well as M.A. in Statistics (Minor), from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

    Terry Seminar: INTB 5100 - Special Topics in International Business

    Terry Faculty



    Program Details

    • Application Deadline: 2014-04-08
    • Application Deposit: 600.00
    • Total Cost: 6400.00
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