Oxford Faculty

The roster of faculty changes from term to term, depending upon the selection of courses offered; below are links to the web pages of Oxford University faculty who have taught for the Program on several occasions.

Ian W. Archer, Keble College
Rowena Archer, Christ Church College
Lawrence Goldman, St. Peter's College
Freyja Cox Jensen, Christ Church College
George Southcombe, Brasenose College
James Panton, St. John's College

Susan Gillingham, Worcester College
Andrew Gregory, University College

Peter King, Pembroke College

Ben McFarlane, Trinity College
Paul Yowell, Oxford Law

Politics and International Affairs:
Sudhir Hazareesingh, Balliol College
Marc Stears, University College
Matthew Eagleton-Pierce
Daniel McDermott, Keble College
Geoffrey Evans, Nuffield College
Hartmut Meyer, St. Peter's College
Jeni Whalen, St. Antony's College

Anthropology: Robert Parkin, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Udi Butler


David Bradshaw, Worcester College
Emma Smith, Hertford College
Elizabeth Dutton, Worcester College
Benjamin Brice, St. John's College
John Mee, Warwick University and University College, Oxford
Vincent Gillespie, Lady Margaret Hall
Oren Goldschmidt, Worcester College
Anna Camilleri
Robert Douglas-Fairhurst, Magdalen College
Kantik Ghosh, Trinity College
Tara Stubbs, St. Peter's College
Abigail Williams, St. Peter's College
Rosalyn Gregory, St. Anne's College
Thomas Walker, Trinity College
Sandra Kotzor, Linguistics

Business:George Bitsakakis

Modern Languages:Gerald Moore, Wadham College
Chimene Bateman, Modern Languages Department
Nicoletta Simborowski, Modern Languages Department
Maria Donapetry, Modern Languages Department

Keith Hawkins, Oriel Hawkins